Monday, May 30, 2016

booking 2016-2017 shows

Hey there kiddies we are booking shows now and looking for local gig so if interested give us a shout

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Goblyns have RETURNED

The Goblyns have reunited once again. In case you wasn't paying attention Commander Ramhard went M.I.A. for about over a year after he left on a secret mission. His mission was to find the one baby that escaped Hugoroth's blender. Long story short it was Hugoroth's fault for giving that baby all that crack which made it impossible to find. Now that Commander's job is finished( He killed and fucked the baby....which was actually a midget prostitute) he has returned home to bang something even harder....the drums.

     According to Hugoroth The Goblyns have said they decided to RE-record there upcoming album because "The quality sounds like shit when your sober......WE SOUND FUCKING AWESOME....but the quality doesn't have the goblyn feel". So The Goblyns are currently talking about a tour once the album is finished so make sure you stay tuned.